Loans for Norwegians

How to take a loan in Norway? It’s simpler than you think. Obviously, it is necessary to meet certain requirements, but no one living in Norway should have a problem with them. Certainly it is much simpler than in Poland.

Low interest rate

Consumer credit can be obtained for any purpose. This is the cheapest financial solution on the Norwegian market. Has an interest rate of 15%. For comparison, credit card rates in Norway are 25%.

Help the credit counselor

Your credit counselor should choose the best loan for you, tailored to your individual needs. You should consider the amount you can borrow and your financial options. An unsecured loan in the form of real estate you can get in the amount of 5 000 to 500 000 crowns. The loan amount can be spread even up to 15 years.

Requirements for borrowers

In order to receive a consumer credit in Norway, several conditions must be met. Firstly, a documented, fixed annual income of at least 180 000 crowns should be documented. Second, you must be over 20 years old. Thirdly, you need a permanent personal number and your current address in Norway.

Just a contract of employment?

You can get a loan like mikrolån u land not only under the employment contract but also with unemployment benefit or rehabilitation allowance. It all depends on the requirements of individual banks. It is best to call and ask about the current offer.

Economic activity

Business people may also receive a loan, but a joint check-in with a spouse or partner is often required.


The longer we work in Norway, the more likely we are to get a loan. It is imperative to file a tax return from the previous year.


Important information for the person taking the loan like mikrolån u land will certainly be that no commission or fees are charged on the loan amount. The bank may ask us what we want to spend money on, but in practice it rarely does. In Norway, it is much easier not only to get a loan, but also to pay it off, because the banks are very careful about whether we can afford it.